X – Rite ShadeVision System


For many years a clear shift in patients’ basic need has been recorded, from the restoration of functionalism to the growth of higher expectations in the field of aesthetic perfection of the prosthetic services that are placed in their mouth. Patients’ complete satisfaction in a modern dentistry is mainly relied on the level of communication and collaboration between the dental technical laboratory and the dentist. Bad communication as well as the incorrect colour determination and accuracy are responsible for the big number of remakes of prosthetic services that take place in the laboratory. 

The combination of the tooth colour and the accurate tooth shade-matching of prosthetic services is a rather specialized process for each patient. When the colour determination does not succeed, even to a small degree, this error can be evident and considerably costly to all sides involved. The modern technology controls the quantitative measurements of shades more easily and with greater precision, whereas in certain cases, more economic both in time and in expense.

The company X-RITE is a constructor of industrial measurement systems and colour recordings and it has designed the SHADE VISION system in order to do the measuring correctly and easily as well as the transmission of dental shades to the laboratory. This system has been developed in order to ensure us the matching of each prosthetic service not just with the tooth that it replaces but also with the teeth surrounding it.

In the past, the dentists and the dental technicians relied on the subjectivity of the human eye for the shade determination. Today, the SHADE VISION technology allows the dentist to easily determine the precise colour of a picture and the precise colorimetric data of the patient’s teeth, while at the same time it gives the dental technical laboratory the possibility of the effective transmission of these elements in order to match the prosthetic work with the rest teeth of the mouth.

The SHADE VISION system can record precise clues in three simple work stages. These are the adaptation of the edge of the system that is used only once each time, the activation of the measurement process and the colour measurement of the surface of the tooth.


Portable SHADE VISION system uses advanced colorimetric technology for constant and reliable colour determination of the teeth, colour intensity and shade. As soon as the edge of the system is set on the tooth correctly, the user presses the button “aiming” on the touch screen which activates the system in order to do the measurement.

The window of optical observation can be used for the regulation of the position, while the column of graphic data begins the countdown. The reading of the data will be completed when the column reaches from 100% to 0%. Afterwards, the picture is checked in the touch screen of the system in order to confirm the correct centralization, identify the indiscernible points and locate any obstacles as those of the tongue, the lips or the teeth. This system that is handheld can memorise up to 8 different measurements.

As soon as the appliance completes the reading of the colour data and gathers the suitable measurements, it comes back to the initial stage of standby. This activates the software of the system which records the relative data. Afterwards, the corresponding data of the more common chromatic systems is searched and the results are presented with the nomenclature of each system.

The dental technician laboratories rely on the dentist in order to have precise colour estimation, so that the dental technician will be able to create the highest and precise aesthetic restoration possible. The SHADE VISION system ensures both the dentist and the dental technician the assurance that recording and sending information is precise and reliable in each case. Now only objective and concrete information is available in the laboratory with which the laboratory can construct and confirm the most accurate aesthetic restoration possible.